We manage the financial complexity of the most ambitious projects.

The best of reporting for big projects and modern organizations.
— James Woodrige (project manager)
Valmetrics trades complexity for clarity and visibility.
— Simone Carretta (energy expert)
The ultimate service in financial consolidation and visualization.
— Richard Quero (fund manager)

Online, visual, interactive & mobile.





Achieve a single source of the truth.

A key issue to solve in sophisticated organizations is the fragmented nature of data. Valmetrics integrates all your technical, economic and financial data without changing your IT systems. It empowers everyone to look at the same information, eliminating a significant amount of uncertainty and enabling better decision making. 


Bring custom knowledge to every stakeholder.

Different stakeholders expect to receive different information. Valmetrics delivers the right data to the right audience so that all stakeholders can access and understand what is paramount for them. It is Reporting-As-A-Service where everyone can reach the desired level of understanding and get actionable insights fast. 


Win clients and competitve tenders.

When it comes to selling multi-million projects, sales cycles are usually very long (more than one year) and you often have to go through a competitive tender process. Thanks to its high-quality reporting and independence, Valmetrics can become your selling asset to make the difference and win new clients or tenders.


Make forecasts financiers will buy.

Your forecasts are the most important metrics in your business because they determine your operating model and its predictability. Valmetrics combines industry, financial and data expertise to help you make forecasts that financiers will buy.


Understand and manage risks.

You cannot manage what you cannot see or understand. Blind spots can ruin your business or project. Valmetrics empowers you to ask and answer deep questions precisely and in real time to uncover risks, understand and manage them.   


Measure and create value.

As a shareholder, you want to monitor your Net Asset Value and Return On Investment. Valmetrics makes robust in context business valuations and monitor your ROI on a regular basis. Your people create value, we measure it to help them create more value.




where we make a difference


state-of-the-art data modelling

Valmetrics divides the data into two main types: measure and dimension. The measure is the number (ex. Sales), the dimension is what you slice and dice the number by (ex. Regions: Central, East, South, West).

This way of structuring and modeling lets your audience consume readily available intelligence regardless the level of financial complexity. Thanks to Valmetrics, you can harness the power of multidimensional modeling and gain a deep understanding of your business.



Our brain processes visual images 60'000 times faster than text or raw data. Mastering data visualization is therefore essential to make efficient and compelling reporting.

Valmetrics turns your data into clear and meaningful visualizations for you and your audience. Dynamic and collaborative dashboards will let you experience the best of reporting and avoid the hurdle of file versioning and emailing. 


Independent EXPERT Guidance

You are not alone. A financial officer looks at your data on a regular basis, analyzes it and comments it. He guides you to optimize your performance, monitor your cash flow and manage risks. 

If required, Valmetrics can locate and work with external industry/technical experts having a deep knowledge of your technology, market or business. These experts can bring a fresh and independent view of challenges you face. 



data Security & Neutrality


Swiss Privacy

Valmetrics is incorporated in Switzerland and all our servers are located in Switzerland. Therefore, all user data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO) which offers some of the strongest privacy protection in the world. 



Data are stored on Valmetrics servers in anonymized and encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format between our servers and user devices. Because data is anonymized and encrypted, the risk of data hacking is largely eliminated.


SSL secure connection

We use SSL to secure communication between our server and your computer. We use SSL to ensure that the web page your browser loads is not tampered with by a third party intercepting your traffic in a MITM (Man in the Middle) attack.


Data security

Valmetrics provides several ways for you to control which users can see which data. For data sources that connect to live databases, you can also control whether users are prompted to provide database credentials when they click a published view.





Worldwide population is growing by 10'000 persons each hour. Each and every one of these people needs infrastructure: accommodations,  energy, transport, telecommunication, education. 

It represents a global capital requirement estimated at USD 60 trillion (including USD 26 trillion just in Asia). States, international banks, technical experts are working together to meet these needs.

Valmetrics helped the State of Geneva assess 3 major long-term projects in the field of Energy (heat district networks). Those projects involved both private and public players with different levels of understanding and knowledge. They were various technical, academic, financial experts collaborating to manage long-term risks. Project horizons were over 30 years with multiple possible scenario and the modeling included 3 layers of complexity: technical data, economic data and financial data. 

Valmetrics' main contribution was to manage and transform this complexity to make the projects readable and understandable by all parties. All the projects were financed and are now up and running.





You own your data, always.

You provide data. We enhance it.
Our primary goal is to protect your data, integrate, cleanse and normalize it. Then, we set up a process so you can update and enrich it on a regular basis. You always keep full ownership of all of your data and can access it anytime securely.



We own our models, always.

We model your business. You manage it.
Your data is the raw material from which we can extract intelligence. To do that, we prepare, structure, model and present your data in a custom and meaningful way. Although we keep ownership of our models we guarantee full transparency on them.



You pay a fraction of a CFO's salary.

We combine the best technologies with expertise in finance and data management to offer a custom premium service similar to having a strategic CFO on board. And we can do it at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay thanks to specialization, mutualization and innovation.

Our pricing is based on a subscription model and depends on objective criteria as well as each need and goals of our customers. Subscriptions start at CHF 2'000 /month.



our customers include :


Board members, executives, project managers, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors.



Hi there!

Finance should not be complicated nor boring - even when it comes to model highly complex projects. I see just the opposite. It can be used as a powerful and pleasant tool to build trust and make ambitious projects possible. If you can think this way, I promise that Finance will become your unfair advantage in everything you do!

Best, Pat Ben (founder)


"let's make finance your unfair advantage."


- Pat Ben


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