what set us apart


A metrics-driven approach

Valmetrics works on two information levels: data to understand the details of each business/project and metrics to focus on what matters most. A metrics-driven approach makes value creation simple, tangible and powerful.

Once you know your key metrics, you know at a glance where you stand against your goals, industry peers and stakeholders’ expectations. Also, you can easily set objectives, drive actions to achieve them and reward your team accordingly.

We maintain and develop a metrics-base on all industries (public version available soon).


modeling power under the hood

To turn data into metrics and after that value drivers, one needs first to build accurate data models. It is a preliminary step to simulate/optimize business and discover its main value drivers.

Valmetrics masters both two-dimensional (spreadsheet) and multi-dimensional (hypersheet) modeling. The latter is ideally suited to model and plan the most ambitious projects. Also, it lets decision-makers consume readily intelligence regardless of the level of complexity.

Check out tableur.com, our proprietary tool for multidimensional modeling.



Our brain processes visual images 60'000 times faster than text or raw data. Mastering data visualization is therefore essential to make efficient and compelling reporting.

Valmetrics turns your data and metrics into clear and meaningful visualizations for you and your audience. Dynamic and collaborative dashboards will let you experience the best of reporting and avoid the hurdle of email overload. 

We have our own business dashboards but are flexible to use leading data visualization technologies to match customer requirements.


The shareholder’s view

We have a buy-side approach. In other words, we analyze and monitor your business as if we were a minority shareholder of the company. We think this approach is best to create a relationship of trust between employees, majority and minority shareholders.

If required, Valmetrics can locate and work with external industry/technical experts having an in-depth knowledge of a technology, market or business. 


data security & FLExibility

Data security is paramount for us. This is why we offer several options to best fit your security requirements: public cloud, private cloud (with custom security level and location) or on-premises. 

By default, all your data are safely hosted in one of our Swiss-based data centers. They are protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO) which offers some of the strongest privacy protection in the world