You own your data, always.

You provide data. We enhance them.
Our primary goal is to protect your data, integrate, cleanse and normalize it. Then, we set up a process so you can update and enrich it on a regular basis. You always keep full ownership of all of your data and can access it anytime securely.



We own our models, always.

You manage your business. We model it.
Your data is the raw material from which we can extract intelligence and metrics. To do that, we prepare, structure, model and present your data in a custom and meaningful way. Although we keep ownership of our models, we guarantee full transparency on them.



You pay a fraction of the cost.

We combine the best technologies with expertise in business, finance and data management to offer a premium service similar to a benchmarking or FP&A department. And we can do it at a fraction of the cost you would typically pay.

Our pricing is based on a subscription model and depends on each need and goals of our customers. The onboarding costs are on us; You can test the service without commitment and start paying only when it is ready-to-use. Feel free to contact us for more information.